Getting Started Is Easy

3 steps to getting your properties fully managed and off your plate — so you can carry on with your day.

Greater profitability of your tourist apartment with our comprehensive advice. Trust your property to experts.


No 2 short-term rentals are alike.

It’s important that our area of expertise matches your unique business needs. And the best way for us to determine this, is by asking you a few questions. Once you click ‘SUBMIT’ (and we’re a match) your FREE income estimate report will be sent straight to your inbox in 1-3 days.


To answer your questions.

This call is to go over your income report together and answer any questions you may have about it or BFM. You will also be matched with your best-fit pricing model!

Through a call we will begin to structure a project that will ensure the success of the administration of your vacation rental.
Alina Andreea Deac has recognition in the management of tourist apartments in Spain.


Meeting in person or video call

The last step of the process is meeting together in person (video call for long-distance clients) to finalize the contract and more importantly — meet the real people behind the brand we will be serving. Then BFM gets to work right away; preparing a photo shoot of your properties, taking inventory, creating a maintenance report, and gathering the keys.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

We take care of it all! The only thing that is your responsibility is any investments in upgrades to your property. However, we will take care of coordinating all the work needed.

We offer 2 pricing plans. Commission of booking total revenue OR a fixed monthly fee.

– Touristic apartments with a touristic licence.
Starting from 20% + VAT commission with the cleaning fee charged separately to the guest.

– Mid-term rental: No need for a touristic licence.
Stays of 1-11 months are considered mid-term stays. Starting from 12% + VAT commision with the cleaning fee charged separately to the guest.

Results can be seen right away. However, your property’s full potential will start showing at around 6 months as your marketing gets stronger with more guest reviews and increases its online reputation.

We do work with owners living abroad and have several tools that ensure the transparency of working together. Features like real-time access to our owner platform, calendar/rates of your property, as well as availability in different time zones for seamless communication.

We require a 2-month notice for canceling contracts. However, for the sake of everyone’s reputation, the bookings already confirmed before the notice need to be honored by both the guest and the owners. That way we continue to offer great service to the guests.

Our platform is ready for migration from any PMS/Channel Manager your currently working with. The tools we have in place ensure you not only have a smooth transition, but your property continues to generate revenue uninterrupted.

Still have a question?

No problem! Ask us below and we will get back to you within 2-3 business days with an answer.

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