Pricing Made Simple

Whether you have 5 single properties or 3 mid-term buildings, you get to choose the plan that works best for you.

Flat Monthly Fee

Best for owners that are not willing to monitor fluctuating numbers and want to keep things straight forward.

Percentage of Bookings

Best for owners who understand that profits vary month to month and want to get the maximum return.

Both pricing depend on location, size, license tax number, design, etc. and are subject to change.

Not sure which pricing model is right for you?

Answer a few simple questions and we’ll price match for you!

Pricing FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

– Touristic apartments with a touristic licence.
Starting from 20% + VAT commission with the cleaning fee charged separately to the guest.

– Mid-term rental: No need for a touristic licence.
Stays of 1-11 months are considered mid-term stays. Starting from 12% + VAT commision with the cleaning fee charged separately to the guest.

With the Monthly Flat Fee – we agree on a set fee with the owner that we pay out to him every month. The owner does not take any risk in this model and will always receive the amount agreed upon, no matter what we get as income for the property. We take care of the maintenance as well as all costs covering any work needed to be done.

With the Percentage of Bookings – we take a commission of the booking total and you get the rest. The net income we both receive depends on the revenue of the bookings each month which may differ depending on the seasonality. We cover all maintenance costs outside of large investments needed at the property. Although we will make sure to coordinate any work needed at any time.

You will receive a monthly payment with the revenue that corresponds to the ongoing month at the beginning of the following month (e.g. payment for January is typically done within the first 5-7 days of February).

No fees are passed to you. However, we do charge a cleaning fee separately to the guest, but this cost is not shared with you.

Fill out our form to get a free income estimate! Keep in mind that revenue depends on several factors such as the type of property, number of bedrooms, number of guests it can sleep, its location, and the season.

Although we don’t usually stray from our 2 pricing models, we are always open to discuss a customized plan that works better for you.